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Holiday Calculator 5.1

Holiday Calculator 5.1: Calculate when 69  holidays occur in any given year. Day Robbie Burns Day Australia Day Groundhog Day Sweater Day BC Family Day Mardi Gras Ash Wednesday Darwin Day Lincoln`s Birthday Valentines Day Presidents Day Alberta Family Day Washington`s Birthday Commonwealth Day Daylight Savings Day St Patrick`s day Vernal Equinox Palm Sunday Good Friday Earth Hour April Fools Day Earth Day Easter Sunday Easter Monday ANZAC Day Cinco de Mayo Europe Day Mothers Day Armed Forces Day Victoria Day Memorial Day

Three Day Diet ScreenSaver 1.0: Three day Diet ScreenSaver,Screen Saverr- 3 day diet
Three Day Diet ScreenSaver 1.0

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MB Day Of Week Astrology 1.0: MB Day Of Week Astrology finds your personality based on the day you were born.
MB Day Of Week Astrology 1.0

to astrology, people usually consider your sun sign. But the day on which you are born also plays a very important role in characterizing your personality. Each day has its own characteristics. Also the ruler for the day and the guardian angel play an important role in the life of the individual. Each MB Day of Week Astrology reading comprises of: Day of Birth, Day Number, Poem, Ruler, Angel, Metal, Element and Ruling Planet. Each day of the week

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WordTempl 2.0.2: WordTempl increase productivity of work with business documents
WordTempl 2.0.2

day-to-day documents, such as essential business contracts, legal forms, letters, proposals, press releases etc. WordTempl makes it easy to create new forms, modify existing ones, and fill forms with the appropriate information. By automating your business forms processing, productivity increases and errors become less and less frequent. WordTempl allows you to enter only the changed data in the business documents. All of your form creation takes

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Word Of The Day 1.00

Find some quiet time for yourself every day and LISTEN to and LEARN something new! Vocabulary and historical events for each day! Five very interesting sections: quote of the day, article of the day, today`s birthday, this day in history and of course word of the day. Every day, a new content from Playback with a speech synthesizer. Simple and pleasant AUDITORY INTERFACE. Fully accessible to the blind.

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CGIemailer 1.0

days. So, for example, you can tell it to send emails on Mondays and Wednesdays and Fridays but not Tuesdays and Thursdays and weekends. So you only need to program the cron job sites above to run the program at certain times everyday. The program itself will know if it is the right day to run or not. So, for example, if you set the timing on the cron job sites to 10am everyday and set the day within the program to Monday, Wednesday and Friday only

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Software Time Lock 6.8.0

day and Sunday. You can set several blocks for each day of the week, such as midnight to 8 AM and 6 PM to midnight, thus creating a limited time period during which the computer can be used (in this case, 8 AM to 6 PM). 4) Set that a user can only access the Web for a specific length of time on each day of the week. For example, you could set that you can only surf the Web for one hour per day on Monday through Friday, and for three hours per day

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